దేవాంగ అసోసియేషన్ అఫ్ నార్త్ అమెరికా
Nonprofit organization for the welfare of Weaving  Comminity 
 Chicago, IL USA


Project Details 
Sponsor a Student for $1500 one time to complete under graduation.

DANA usa Scholarship Program for 6 years after High School to help further education.

India is in 39th rank in literacy. Many Children could not afford to go to even primary school. Some parents send their kids for child labor and some may become road side beggars. Many students after passing High School could not able to continue for higher studies due to either low income or no income. Every year there are drop outs due to this reason.

DANA implemented a program called Merit cum poverty based Scholarship program. DANA will distribute $1500 into six years or until he/she graduates. This amount may not be good enough to complete, but will definitely will help.
DANA looking for sponsors to donate $1500 one time to sponsor a student to complete under graduation.
We will provide you, every year ,recipient’s photo, his/her financial and academic status and with donors name until graduation with a letter of appreciation by the recipient
Donation Deadline Saturday, December 31, 2022
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