దేవాంగ అసోసియేషన్ అఫ్ నార్త్ అమెరికా
Nonprofit organization for the welfare of Weaving  Comminity 
 Chicago, IL USA

Honorary Chairman

Dr.Batchu Koteswara Rao

Honorary Presidents & Advisors

Dr.Allada Sambasiva Rao

Satyan Kalyandurg(Dallas)

Dr.Donthamsetti Seshagiri Rao

Suryachandra Rao Donthamsetti

Dr.Boddu Veeramallu,PhD(Peoria)

Nulu VVS Murty (Canada)

Executive Committee


Boddu Ravi


Venubabu Nasaka


Batchu Venkateswara Rao



 Women's wing


Surekha Jidagamu

Vice President

Padmaja Rao

Subhashini Nasaka


Devika Boddu

Jyothi Yerra


Regional Ambassadors

Jada Prasad Rao

(New Jersey)

Sajja Vijay Kumar(Boston)

Sajja Sai Prasad(NC)

Katakam Suneel (Wisconsin)

Nagadev Amrutha(Ohio)

Yerra Nataraj.V.S



Sajja Rama Rao (India)

Dr.Madhavi Kotha India

Bhart Wavel(India)

H.K Govindappa (India)





Who we are.

DANA non profit organization with ,community Service, philanthropic campaign that are aimed towards a society free from discrimination with tools of empowerment of men, women and children with disability, poverty, under served, under privileged to become self sustained Society and become good Citizens.

DANA Mission:

DANA implement Sustainable Development Goals given by United Nations to transform our community in  to a better society.

*GOAL1: Education

*GOAL2: Zero Hunger

*GOAL3: Good Health and Well being

*GOAL4: No Poverty

*GOAL5: Economic Growth


DANA Object:

Education Matters:

*To work for the cause of Literacy

*To provide  primary health care to children

*To attain and uplift women,Children,physically handicapped persons and people of weaker section.

*To work for comprehensive rural development

*To provide drinking water sanitation,shelter, health felicities to rural community

*To work for the development of Handicrafts and hand looms sector so as to create more employment for youth,women in rural areas.

DANA is for Charity to Empower men, women and children through Education, Rehabilitation through Community Service ,provide necessary help through Economical ways, preserve individual skills and family heritage through Cultural protection , provide Technological aspects and Cultivate Spiritual and Religious discipline to make them good citizens.

DANA Vision

To help Create Society free from Discrimination where people with disability and under privileged become earning members and contribute to the Society and fall in the main stream of Society.

Eradicate Rural poverty and ensure sustainable Society with Empowerment and self help.


DANA committed to educate the community and eradicate poverty, promote an efficient, viable that supports the growth, learning and development, self sustaining, empowerment, and self earning of poor society .


Initiatives to Fulfill our Vision 

Education: Includes Men, Women, Children

Including any other disabilities

1.Primary education, Higher education, Adult

education, education to other disabilities. Including road side children

2.Provide educational utilities, like books, writing materials, healthy food, dress including shoes.

3.Periodical health checkups up to age of 14 years.

4.Develop Health and hygiene through Sports and Education tours.


Education through Skills Training: To develop self help and earning skills;

1.Tailoring,Embroidery,Bags making, Computer skills, English speaking, communication skills, Embroidery, Candle making, Agarabathi making, Soap making, detergents making etc. These are not complete but examples only.

DANA believes in transforming Society into well being through education and literacy , that brings innovative and sustainable self help solution to fight against chronic hunger, poverty and freedom from child labor.

DANA provides support for education programs incorporating various dialogues .Create empowerment

for men and women with little or no schooling acquire the knowledge and practical skills through training to break out of the poverty. Bring Children back to the school and make them good citizen.

Social and Economical Help

Rehabilitate such community suffered with natural calamities, lost their homes, provide shelters,

Help and rehabilitate, distressed and abused women

Cultural Protection

Help to protect individual skills and family heritage of art and skills.

Religious Help

Help to cultivate discipline through spiritual and religious thoughts and practices to become good citizen


Our Core Values:

*Accountability ,transparency,and social audit

*Gender equality

*Secular policy

*Respect of human values and rights

*Democratic functioning

*Social Justice

*Child centered policy

Key Strategies:

Social Mobilization,Community organization,Advocacy, Networking with other organizations,promoting cooperation and self help, develop skills and capacity to earn, strengthen women to fight against their vulnerabilities are the key strategies

General Body:

Once in a year to approve the Budget and Financial balance sheet

Every 4 years the executive committee will be elected by the General Body Members.

Current Executive:

President: Ravi Boddu

Secretary:  Venubabu Nasaka

Treasurer: Venkateswara rao Batchu

The same team will continue until new members take over.


Finance: Generated from membership,donations,fundraising

Volunteers: Manpower and partnership with other NGOs with similar objects.

Grants:DANA work with another NGO to spend our grants for 

 Education at primary and secondary level, Scholarships for Pre collage Students,rewards for professional achievements.

DANA also collaborate with another NGO to spend our grants to stop hunger and starvation deaths in some of the rural villages.

Applications for grants are invited once an year from domestic as well as out side the country.

Applications will be scrutinized by the executive committee and the trusties and grants awarded  subject to availability of funds and other conditions.

Grants to NGOs in India will be given if they registered with FCRA government of India only.

Executive Committee Meetings

At least 4 times in an year or as required by the situation.

Meeting Minutes will be documented/

These meetings can be either physical or over phone.

Authorised Signatories for Financial Transactions

Koteswara rao Batchu

Venkateswara Rao Batchu

Venubabu Nasaka

Padmaja Rao

Conditions defined by Executive Committee 

Our Bank:

TCF Bank

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